Kali AP Fine Art Print
Kali AP Fine Art Print
Kali AP Fine Art Print

Kali AP Fine Art Print

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***Only few AP edition of 10 available***

She came to me in a flash, etched in my mind. I did not know who she was, but once she spilled onto the canvas I realized it was Kali. Daily I began to familiarize myself with her essence. The power of fierce feminine energy. Of time, of nature, of the void. The power to kill the ego with love. Divine paradox, the nurturer and destroyer.

I now call upon her daily. "Dear Kali, may I embody your fierce feminine energy. Come through into my being and destroy all that is in the way of me being in my full power." Every time I pray to this image I connect with my true will, I feel my power. 

16x20" on Optica One archival paper

Numbered and signed

Hand embellishment options available 

*Hand embellishments make each print unique using metallic inks*

Price will increase as the edition reaches its end.

*Please give up to 10 business days for your order to be processed and shipped.