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Stella Strzyzowska

"The Unveiling" LE Fine Art Print, 2020

"The Unveiling" LE Fine Art Print, 2020

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"2020; The Unveiling"

Limited Edition print on archival fine art paper 

Image size: 18x 24" | Paper size: 21x 27"

Edition of 20. Signed and numbered. 

Print ships in tube.

*Original Sold

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About this painting 

Here’s my latest piece that I started during the protests in June after the public murder of George Floyd. The hand of time (top right) is unveiling the prison industrial complex monster that feeds on people of color. Riot police protect the monster while protesters gather and the world is watching and sharing. This unveiling lead to a mass sharing of information illuminating systemic racism that has created a new caste system of felons, prisoners, and victims of police brutality/murder.

The banner in the center states the 13th amendment, “Neither slavery nor involuntarily servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall be duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” This was the beginning of the criminal label of people of color which was spread through an influential early motion picture film, “Birth of a Nation.” The criminal label stuck and fired back at the civil rights movement with the “war on crime” and “war on drugs.” This started taking masses of people from their families for long periods of time for petty crimes crippling communities of color generationally.

The eyes of the monster are the media which has been used to enforce the criminal stereotype which made people fearful and relieved of our prison system. There is hope in the sharing of information, dialogues that have never happened, and educational resources available through the internet. I typically like to paint what I want to see in the world vs. what’s going on, but I did this with an intention to recognize and remember these stories so that they don’t get twisted or forgotten in the future. Sometimes you gotta just paint that painting. 


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