Shreya LE Fine Art Print
Shreya LE Fine Art Print
Shreya LE Fine Art Print
Shreya LE Fine Art Print
Shreya LE Fine Art Print

Shreya LE Fine Art Print

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Limited Edition of 30
Giclée quality print on Archival Optica One paper
Image size: 16x19"  / Paper size: 18x22"

The original was a commission which I was requested to interpret the painting, “The death of Seneca” with full creative freedom. Seneca was a Roman philosopher whom was a scape goat and was ordered to kill himself. He slit his wrists and ankles and sat stoically as the blood drained from his veins. Deep in his stoic awareness, his life’s work was put to a test. His awareness of the grander picture of life and his acceptance of his fate in nature’s plan while remaining calm; still; meditative shows his profound virtue. This reminds me of the monk who lit himself on fire. 

I started this piece last April as the pandemic began and simultaneously I began meditating with @ebenorozyoga⚡️ I embarked on the Kumbhaka 30 day challenge with him which is a breath retention technique. I learned about Shreya, the difficult or greater choice- specifically when we would feel fear amidst holding our breath tip toeing into suffocation and building C02 in the body. I relate that difficult but greater choice to Seneca and the monk who lit himself on fire. I also feel this painting symbolizes these pandemic chaotic times and all that has surfaced, where we too have a greater choice to withstand the chaos and find our center.

May this piece serve as a reminder in your space that you can withstand and overcome all obstacles that life throws at you. 

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