DMTrump Vision

The story of the vision.


In fall 2017 I took a deep dive down the rabbit hole and upon breaking through I had a bizarre vision that started with Donald Trump wearing a patterned tribal hippy type shirt toking a bowl of DMT. It didn’t stop there. The vision progressed to him hiking through the jungle leading other ignorant folks to their destination to do ayahuasca. They began to do ayahuasca and he had this Trump attitude about taking the medicine, “Bigger doses!! More!!!” The more they purged, the earth began healing and there was this weird deep knowing. Earth then told me she has all the medicine within herself to heal her most toxic parts. Suddenly my organs began to be lined with gold, I was experiencing this deep healing, and I see Alex Grey over my shoulder smiling at me. I automatically think “you guys live like this!? With golden lined organs!” After that I began to come out of the insane vision and I’m laying on my couch lookin over at my partner like WTF. I told him and he was struck. We howled laughing.


The laughing went on for months, as we joked about the possibility of making it a painting. Suddenly a dear friend of mine passed in a car accident. He was the third brother to pass in his family of unrelated auto mobile accidents. I was asked to speak at his funeral. The night before the funeral I took a trip and was struck with the realization that every day isn’t guaranteed and I need to make the risk to be a full time artist rather than playing it safe- I was working full time at a small school at the time. Then an inner voice said firmly “APPLY FOR ALEX AND ALYSON’S WORKSHOP.” 


I applied for their workshop and got accepted. I began to make a couple sketches and photoshop mock ups to create this vision that I still vividly remembered. I simultaneously quit working at the small school which happened to be insanely corrupt to the point that I couldn’t even afford to work there. A few months later at the workshop I showed Alex the drawing I had begun of the vision and he started cracking up and encouraged I follow through. I went home on a mission. Later on that year I went back to Cosm to paint at an event and I brought the painting to reveal to people for the first time which was a night of laughter. The next morning I shared it with Alex and mentioned that I had been praying for a long time for visions that will shift my life in ways unimaginable. He said, “Now that you honored the vision they will come back to you with more.” 


Within 14 months of the reveal of that painting I was able to leave the restaurant I was working at part time and finally create art full time.